Diversity for Pollinators in SoCal Residential Landscapes

As a result of its Mediterranean climate, a coastal Southern California landscape has an opportunity to conserve water and provide for pollinators while displaying both beauty and diversity. Its warm to hot-dry summers, mild and wet winters allow for a combination of flora, succulents, and mediterranean plants to grace front and backyards of California's mediterranean climate region.

In response to California's water conservation initiative, landscape professionals, property managers, and property owners can incorporate drought tolerant plants with attractive garden elements such as bird baths and other water-saving features to serve as resources for wildlife. In your quest to establish a "habitat friendly" garden or landscape, do a little bit of research about non-invasive plants that thrive in your area, and create a healthy and welcoming environment for birds, butterflies and other wildlife that will enhance the joy and happiness of your outdoor living space.

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