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Monarch on rain barrel photo by Garden Butterfly

As featured in the LA Times and the Theodore Payne Foundation Native Plant Garden Tour, Garden Butterfly South Los Angeles is an informal inner-city residential landscape that provides support for local pollinators and beneficial insects while showcasing the beauty of California native plants and select Mediterranean climate plants that are suitable for local wildlife. Established in 2015, the elements of this garden include rounded and irregular stones, drought-tolerant potted arrangements, organic mulch, and raised garden beds filled with seasonal vegetables and herbs. Succulent pocket gardens, colorful blooms, diverse textures, and cool plant placements are arranged and layered in a style that Brandy Williams refers to as a "free form and aromatic scrapbook-garden." 

Garden Butterfly - South Los Angeles
Garden Butterfly South LA
Conejo Buckwheat cloesup bloom_ photo by Garden Butterfly
Herb garden and with California plant - photo by Garden Butterfly
Closeup of insect and California native wildflower bloom - photo by Garden Butterfly


Notable CA Native Plants at Garden Butterfly South LA

Carmel Sur Manzanita

Dudleya (Dudleya spp.)

Salvia Bee's Bliss  'Bee's Bliss Sage'

Eschscholzia californica 'California Poppy'

Eriogonum fasciculatum 'California Buckwheat'

Ceanothus griseus var. horizontalis 'Yankee Point'

Photo credits: Brandy Williams I Erin Johnson I Beesip l Ricardo DeAratanha-Los Angeles Times

Garden Butterfly_Succulents in low white bowl
Native plants and lavender plant_Garden Butterfly LA
Sweat Bee_Garden Butterfly LA_photo by Bee Sip
Garden Butterfly Los Angeles garden
Salvia Clevelandii partial garden plant sign
Garden Butterfly South LA garden design
Monarch on rain barrel - photo by Garden Butterfly LA
Abutilon palmeri at Garden Butterfly LA
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